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For one day…

Oh Yes!!! It’s June already. We can’t wait for the arrival of our brother, then we heard the our cousin is also coming together with her hubby, sister is coming as with the rest of her family and oh what a lovely reunion it would be.

But with all the happiness and literally we should be happy. The tension is building as well. My family is not perfect and sometimes there a lot of things we do not agree on. How will I make this work and make it a memorable one, right? I am hoping against all odds that maybe for one day they can set aside their ego’s and the disagreements they have. What’s one day, right?

I am excited and at the same time scared. Stress level is most definitely rising. I want to enjoy and savor this reunion and make it last a lifetime… a memorable one! Who knows it might also be a start of something good… *I am crossing my fingers and toes.*

Wish me luck!!!