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What happen?

After a long struggle of denial it just hit me that I am no longer happy.

I was shocked after hearing it. Then I said, mind asking the cause of your unhappiness? She just simply said we are worlds apart for some reason and sometimes I feel like I am no longer there with him.

At the back of my head, I so wanted to asked her, “So where are you then?” But I already got the picture. I felt sorry for her. Knowing how hard she is going through and all the critics she will be hearing anytime soon.

As I wonder and how could such feeling happen. I cannot blame her she used to be so happy and alive and I guess sometimes when too much in so many ways are and so less of anything people get unhappy.

Sometimes we might get overwhelmed of what’s going on and forget a simple request. Why don’t we just sit and talk and discuss the issue and hope for a solution to it, right? Easier said then done but we got to make that step to make a solution before the problem gets big.