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Freezer cold…

Along the way we stumble and we fall, But we also learned to get up and be careful on our journey. For some reasons, how he hasn’t changed at all. Now that he got a job and money, he is more of a dick head and an a**hole as he was before. Does he thing that because he is older he can get away with a lot of things? or maybe I should start telling and talking to him of the cons that he is doing to all of us.

Honestly, I can’t wait for him to be out. (how do you want me too be?) Feels like I got another kid in the house that I need to care for. He is of no help to us at all (for now). He got to set of hands and doesn’t even know how to wash his dishes and glasses after using. My kids are better than him.

I know, I know I am ranting rather complaining too much and instead I should be thankful right? Well, I am thankful but is he? That I am not so sure about. I am just so fed of making our place seems like a hotel and I am not his maid at all and if I will be he cannot afford me! 🙂

I have been cold on him lately and avoiding him as much as I can for I am drowning with my patience and seems like not working and what’s next so I have to do the rest of the work. I am fine with friends coming over and hanging out but not until wee hours of the morning that it bothers rather disturbing other people’s sleeping, most especially if the next day is work day. So where are your manners there? and don’t even tell him, I haven’t mention it. I have mention it a couple of times already but seems like it felt on deaf ears.

So what’s a girl to do? Any suggestions out there?