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Finally, they did it! Last night’s game was not any body’s game it was definitely a Lakers game. They fought and victory was on their side. 7 points to be exact and it’s down to 2-1.

Thursday will be another exciting game for all the Lakers and Celtics fans. All the sports bar and grill that we passed by were full and overcrowded. We got home to watched the last 7 exciting minutes of Game 3.

Hubby is a sport fan but not a die hard! He prefers to be with his family and be somewhere else but my two kids are a fanatic of the game than us. After spending some quality time and talking over somethings over dinner we headed home and Lakers won!!!

Let’s see who will win on Thursday game.

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Touch Her Here

Interesting article from David Hunter. Read on and explore…..

Let me share a little secret about women that my wife of 7 years taught me one evening when we returned from a party: She leaned into me when we entered our dark house and whispered in my ear, “Take without asking.”

And so I did, carrying her up to our bedroom as we shed our clothes along the way. We had the most amazing night we’d had in a long, long time. Those three words “take without asking” rekindled our sex life and refreshed our marriage. And it opened my eyes to a woman I thought I knew everything about.

It’s easy for couples to fall into the rut of routine sex, not realizing that there’s much more to explore beyond the land of familiarity. So with that in mind, here are some tips and techniques to speed you on your journey to that wild kingdom.

What she likes
Touch her here: Glide the back of your hand and knuckles around her hip bones. “It’s a mental turn-on because she’s wondering what’s next,” says sexologist Logan Levkoff.

Women get the most stimulation from slow, shallow thrusts during sex. Aim at the outer one-third of her vagina; this area has the most nerve endings and becomes more engorged, so it creates more friction. “Many women haven’t experienced shallow penetration, but odds are they’ll like it a lot,” says sex therapist Linda De Villers, Ph.D.

Touch her here: Place the fingers of one hand inside your partner’s vagina while stimulating her clitoris with the fingers of the other hand, advises Lou Paget, a sex educator and the author of 365 Days of Sensational Sex. When she reaches orgasm, having your two fingers inside for her vaginal muscles to contract around will increase sensation.

Outside of her genitals, the breasts are the best place to stimulate her. Cup them gently, like eggs, not footballs.

Touch her here: The areola is more sensitive than the nipple itself. Another hot spot is the upper quadrant of her breast, between 10 and 2 o’clock.

Some women can be brought to orgasm by breast manipulation alone.

What she wishes you knew:

Anticipation is everything to a woman.

She masturbates, on average, once a week.

An orgasm for a woman is different every time she has sex.

Only 14 percent of women think simultaneous orgasm is necessary for gratifying sex.

Favorite erogenous zones (from most to least), according to a poll of women under 30:

  • Clitoris 42%
  • Breasts 24%
  • Neck 15%
  • G-spot 6%
  • Inner thighs 5%
  • Ears 3.5%
  • Belly 0.7%
  • Toes 0.6%
  • Other 3.2%

Top four moves (from most effective to least) that consistently allow women to achieve orgasm, according to women who rate themselves very sexually satisfied:

1. Manual stimulation
2. Oral sex
3. Intercourse when she’s on top
4. Intercourse when he’s on top

Top three things women most want to hear from you:

1. I can’t wait to see you.
2. I love waking up with you.
3. I brought you something.

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Wednesday Munchies

Wednesday, is most definitely here. Two more days at work and I will be with my honey bunch for the whole day. This coming Friday we decided to take a day off with our work and while the kids are at school we will have each other to ourselves.

Advance wedding anniversary to both of us. For during our actual wedding anniversary we will be busy shuttling our visitors to places they wanna see and go.

A whole lot has and had been going on in and outside the house and work. The truth is sinking in and whether you like it or not it’s the truth! Love it or hate it, it’s going to be the facts.

Hubby has planned a whole day with just the two of us. It also includes some shopping, spoiling ourselves and I just can’t wait for more….. 🙂