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From the heart…

After a hard long hours at work, coming home to your family is worth it. We whine and be petty of anything most especially the small things but what matter’s most is that we realized of what’s important and be thankful for it.

We can put things in perspective and move on. Life is definitely full of surprises. No matter how I view life, my life has been a roller coaster ride and like a rainbow. Storms, hurricane , tornadoes, earthquake has and had struck my marriage but through the test of time here we are still together and loving each other like the first day we met.

If I can describe us now after all the years, we are still like newlyweds. Each morning as I get up I am thankful that I have him by my side, thankful that with all of my mood swings he is still here to understand me and be patient with me.

He is the love of my life… my bestfriend … my shopping partner … my life and everything!!!