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Yesterday was the last day of school for elementary while today is the last day for highschool. And dilemma, dilemma big time. Where to find a babysitter for today, Friday. Both grandparents are not available and are busy with some other things. What’s a busy and working parents got to do? File a leave of absence? Use our Paid time off leave?

And so when my boss asked me why will I be absent today, I told him because I can’t find a sitter and he said, why not bring your daughter here with you, if that is ok with you? Then, I said well if that is ok with you why not and he said sure why not. She is already big enough to be here and that is totally fine with me. Problem solve and today my daughter will be spending the whole day at work with me.

What a cool boss? Isn’t it? Loving my work and my boss. 🙂