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We all have evil relatives, (I happened to got tons of them) and I mean even our own blood. I remember when we used to visit their house (my aunts house) in Floremer Village in Banilad I was always mesmerized with how big the houses were and their house stood on a corner lot and stood so big than the rest of the houses. I saw the house built from foundation and slowly with its frame and so on. They got big place for which it’s called maid’s quarters and a separate clubhouse. For me it was like a mansion cause our house is small compare to theirs but they always welcome us and made us feel like we are at our home.

Some Sundays when Nanay (our Mom’s mom) was still alive we go there to harvest some vegetables. Yup! That’s how big their lot was. Nanay planted some vegetables and some corn as well. We got there some Sundays to harvest, visit them and Tatay (our Mom’s Dad) at the nearby cemetery. He died when I was still at my elementary days. He died of diabetes and some complications. He died in his sleep and was at peace.

Fermin, is one of our Uncle who is the husband of my mom’s sister and by far is the coolest Uncle we can ever have. He spoils us to death. He used to work as a Captain and later on retired. When I gave birth to my son, he was the proudest Lolo on planet earth. Up until now that my son is already over here in California we made it a point to call him and just talk and blabber away with anything. He is very appreciative of it and he always waits for that call until over the weekend when he had a heart attack and apparently he cannot longer talk but still he can hear right? So, we will try to call him and let him know that are praying for his speedy recovery.

Each time we visit him and knows that there is a problem, he embraces us and tell us that everything will be fine and when we grow up we will be able to understand of what’s going on and sure enough we did. Inno, my son appreciates him and loves him too. He is worried of Uncle Lolo Fermin’s critical situation. I told him include him in your prayers and for a speedy recovery as well.

He is such a good positive role model to us and to my son as well. Please include him in your prayers too.

Thanks Uncle Lolo Fermin!


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