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I admit that lately I have been cold….


and sometimes here but not here, (do you get it)….

I got one hell of a temper tantrum…

words that should have never gotten out of my mouth got lose….

did mean to hurt anyone but somehow I did …..

I am somewhat somewhere….

I loved but I hated, I care but do not want to show it….

I am somehow disconnected, stressed, feeling like a stone…

But inside me I am crying and dying….

I want to change this….

But how…..

Only time can tell…

Of what, why and how I am feeling these…

So distant and cold….

Can you really blame me?

For what and how I am feeling….

I don’t think so…

Maybe in time I will be back to my normal me….

Just wait patiently…

I will be connected to the real world again…. soon………

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Can success be really measured of what you have?

Of where you’ve been?

Of what you’ve own?

Of what car your driving?

Of how many acres of lands you own?

I do not know about that……

All I know that life is measured not by what we own or have but by the life’s we touched and left us breathless and speechless.

Success is being You!

As along as you are happy then you are successful in life.

Life is measured by your own happiness.

No need to be compared to others.

Success is not made by sitting down we move that is why we are where we are today.

Be happy….

Enjoy life…

Success becomes You….