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As I was watching the eye last night, starring Jessica Alba. She lost her sight when she was a small but has and had made use of the rest of her senses. She is a musician and a great one in a philharmonica. The story started when she got an eye donor and she started seeing what Anna (her eye donor) sees and it says that it can be transfer to the new owner of the eye anything that the previous owner of the eye sees and so on. It was a ok movie to watch for I was expecting a lot more.

As I was watching in our bedroom and making myself fall asleep. It just crossed my mind that I used just enjoy life and be happy. Come what may, que sera sera, whatever will be and just go with the flow.

But, how can an impatient girl like me? Be willing to wait and be patient enough to just sit still and literally wait. I am the type that it’s a go, go, go for me and for some reasons I am more creative when pressured. I can finished things up for I know that I got a deadline to catch.

When I come home before I can literally put my things down, You see me picking up things and just cleaning, cooking or whatever my body goes.

And so from this day forward I am going with the flow and be HAPPY!!!! Who cares what others will say. I should mind what I say and my family thinks and says, right?

And so today and forward….

  • I will make it a point to be happy and glad.
  • To worry not the small things but the future.
  • To stop and smell the roses.
  • To paint a smile to everyone I come across with.
  • To say I love you a million times.
  • Come what may….
  • Que sera sera
  • It’s ok to be messy sometimes(this I should overcome.. 🙂 )
  • To be heard and be hear back
  • To see what others see and vice versa.
  • Let by gones be by gones(this I will have a hard time parting with for I don’t easily forget)
  • To forgive and be forgiven(We will see where will I go)