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After a long talk, laying all the cards down, problems with a reasonable solution and coolness prevail we are taking things into consideration but still that “TALK” needs to be made and done. WHY? So, that we will know what’s going on and how and what can we do to prevent of the aggravating situation we have.

I finally, accepted it to myself that this is it! It will not change but rather can get worse. But, by accepting the circumstances that it really won’t change, might as well be tough and change for the better. Which I already did. All I am asking is that a little help here and there and consideration of the people around you. Not really that hard, right?

Even people who knew of what’s going on are already suggesting the worst case scenario that we can imagine but why be that way when each problem has a solution and can be talked upon. And that is just what we are going to do.

Well, I hope that things will be resolve and taken into considerations. For what’s worth, I am still thankful for everything that has happened.

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Yesterday’s 5.4 earthquake that shook Southern California just 20 minutes before lunch break was almost felt everywhere. Minor damages was seen and felt. The epic center was a 2 miles southwest of Chino Hills.

Thank God the kids weren’t home and where safe. As I got home yesterday some decorative angels that I treasured so much broke and fell of their stands. Minor damages here and there.

Thank God everyone was safe. A terrifying one and felt really strong especially when our office is located at a 2nd floor building. No panic but was cautious of what’s going on.

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How long?

It’s been 2 weeks without the kids and definitely I am missing them. Although, it’s nice once in awhile that we can be newlyweds all over again but just can’t help it that I am missing my guardian devils. I miss the mess they make when I get home from work and the endless excuses they didn’t have enough time to tidy it up before I get home. It’s just funny how and what excuses they can come up with.

Since, the kids are away we have been hitting the happy hours at any bar or restaurant that we find ok to spend some time away from home. It has been a success and we had found some quality time with each other and able to talked to about anything and made some future plans including the kids of course. It’s just when to execute the plan and hopefully the kids will come along with the plan.

A whole lot are accomplish while they are on vacation and a whole lot of reconnecting with each other as well. So far them being away made us think and rethink and reflect of how we are as a parent and as their parents.

Will they be back in next week? That we have to wait. For they were supposed to be away for just one week and that one week became two weeks and will two weeks become three or four weeks? Well, three weeks I will settle not four I missed them already. Plus, school it almost here and I need to spend time with my little gremlins.

Hurry home little ones, Mommy and Daddy misses so much. We do not know how long we can last without you both by our sides. We love you and we surely miss you both!!!

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Looking back with all of our ups and downs,I can’t believe how we survived to where we are now. Thankful, most definitely. Way beyond thankful to everyone who helped us get through to our rough roads.

Looking at our lives back then and how everything change in a snap. God is good. He didn’t left us when we were all alone with nothing. He stood by our side and guide us through the rough terrain that we were passing through. He was there when no one was. He made our journey a memorable and great one. He made sure that we will grow up with our mother’s kindness, patience, respect, understanding and most of all learning to forgive. The last one was a tough one how can you forgive someone who robbed you, your future.

But, then again that is the past. Time to move on. Moving on doesn’t have to be a fast one. We all need to move on, on our own time and pace. Surely, I will be able to learn to forgive and let past stay where it should be.

One day it will come….. Someday I will be able to fully forgive you…..