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Happy 4th of July

We are all in need of sleep. When Joan (my sister) arrived from Kansas to our place it was already way pass 2:00 in the morning. We all waited patiently while in the early hours the house was also jam-packed with human poker buddies of hubby.

I was the one left standing and waiting for their arrival. All of the rest just can’t make it much longer. And then finally just a little over 2:00 in the morning my phone rang and the were just an exit away. I was so excited to see them after a long period of time. Right, after they got settled the chit chatting begins and if hubby didn’t break in we would going to the market without sleeping.

The four of us went to the market to get something for our mini get together lunch time. But we made a lot of detours. Had some snack at Chowking and oh they missed siopao a lot and went to Valerio’s to buy some kakanin, turon and hot pan de sal.

Went home and starting chowing down whatever is in their path. I was on the other hand busy preparing the food for our mini luncheon. We had some barbeque pork belly, cho pat chien (Mom’s style), grilled fish, grilled jumbo shrimp and some cold wine, beers and soda to go with our food. For dessert I bake some brownies plain and with walnuts and topped with vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup.

We went to a place were for how many years had some fireworks display but sadly this year they decided to do a laser light show and so we ended up watching some fireworks from the freeway going to Starbuck’s.

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He is finally here!!! And he cooked this for us. It was so good and after a decade I tasted his cooking again. I savor each bite I made and cherish each moment.

2008 has and had been indeed full of surprises. From Chef Brother coming to the USA and RN Sister passing the board of nursing. What a blessings we have all received.

Thank you so much God. God is good and made way for us to be together again. Maybe next with Mom. Who knows, right?