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Sunday Madness

Sunday was the only day that we all got enough sleep. I mean more than 2 hours of sleep is enough for us to roam around and go shopping! A girl’s best friend aside from the diamonds is shopping. Before heading out we had a hearty breakfast and buko pandan for dessert.

Saw a Lamborghini on our way there. The car is nice but not the driver that’s way I took this shot this way. 🙂

We hit the Camarillo Outlet and boy we spend so much. They had some good sales on lactose t-shirts, coach’s bags and bass shoes as well. We did walked almost half of the entire outlet and got really tired and decided to proceed to our next stop. Food! and then Universal Studios.We were all exhausted and it’s never easy to go shopping and sales keep coming. 🙂

After all that walking for how many blocks we need to refuel our strength and energy so that we can continue on our next journey.

Of course after eating all that Thai food. We need to burn our calories and so we headed next to Universal Studios. Where we walked and stroll, enjoyed the cool weather and let the tiredness hit us and until it’s time to go home.