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One wish…

Thank God it’s Thursday already. One more day and our survey will be done. We all hope that all the stress, overtime and extra hardwork will pay off.

I am in a double jeopardy of stress and extra effort. Being the eldest people(Aunt’s and Uncle’s) expect you to do magic. When I say magic I mean they want you to push and make things happen. Not in my side of the fence. I let them know and it’s up to them to be there, right? I do not push things that are not meant to happen. It will happen, it’s just when will it happen.

We all had that one wish that someday all four of us will be together. Where and when? Who knows and in the most unexpected time and place He granted that wish for us. We saw each other again and had a reunion, although Mom wasn’t there the four of us(siblings) were present and together with our Dad, kids and partners.

We are so thankful for everything. Who knows maybe next year all of us will be with each other side by side.

He is slowly granted our wish….. one at a time….. one wish!!!