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We loved, we get hurt and still we loved. A cycle that goes round and round. How do we measurement true love? Of what it can give in or of what we can received? Is there such thing as how to correctly measure true love? Or the perfect relationship?

True comes in a lot of forms, shapes, sizes and in the most unexpected place, time and state we find them or they found us. Love definitely knows no boundaries for when we love, we love with all of our might and each effort it worth.

Although, sometimes we question is he/she worth it? Worth the fight, sacrifices, martyrdom, stupidity and whatever else you wanna call. YES!!! A 100 and more percent YES and why? because in each relationship you will see yourself grow and understand that it takes just being patience and being in love to build a relationship and to be with the one you love who loves you in return.

I have loved the most romantic man in my whole life but we parted ways and I found the most unromantic man ever but we stayed married for how many years. We learn to understand each other although he doesn’t shower me with flowers for he is allergic but instead he showers me with chocolates, great compliments for being a great Mom and a wife. We share our dreams together and patiently we grew and so did our relationship. Then, I learned that you do not to shower your loved one with flowers alone but with your undying love, trust, honesty, faithfulness and just be YOU.

This why I loved the most unromantic man I found because he is romantic in his own ways. That is why I love him and want to grow old with him.