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Looking back with all of our ups and downs,I can’t believe how we survived to where we are now. Thankful, most definitely. Way beyond thankful to everyone who helped us get through to our rough roads.

Looking at our lives back then and how everything change in a snap. God is good. He didn’t left us when we were all alone with nothing. He stood by our side and guide us through the rough terrain that we were passing through. He was there when no one was. He made our journey a memorable and great one. He made sure that we will grow up with our mother’s kindness, patience, respect, understanding and most of all learning to forgive. The last one was a tough one how can you forgive someone who robbed you, your future.

But, then again that is the past. Time to move on. Moving on doesn’t have to be a fast one. We all need to move on, on our own time and pace. Surely, I will be able to learn to forgive and let past stay where it should be.

One day it will come….. Someday I will be able to fully forgive you…..