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Be positive…

I know that lately, I have been complaining with a lot of things. I whine too much that I know and you know why because as much as I want them to know of how I feel, I kept to myself and just blog about it. I do not if when I say these words will they get offended or understand how I feel. Will the right words come out right or make the whole situation worsen?

A whole of things to consider and whole of are involved. I know that each problem has a solution and I am hoping to find that solution before I can open my mouth and let the weeds comes out. One way or another I just need to spill the beans.

I should be looking the other way and let positive things surround me. I should do that. Be positive and stop to smell the flowers along my way. I should be thankful for all the blessings and be grateful for all the good things that has come my way.

Thank you!!!


On the other hand finally someone recognized and realized of what’s going on. I am hoping that this is another solution closer to solving the problem. One solution at a time.

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I should…

What more can I expect after one disappointment after another. What’s new by the way, right?

Sometimes, you get used to it and honestly, this is not what I want it to be but, then again I guess I should just get used to it.

I don’t easily give up but it’s not worth the fight and not worth all the hassles I am going through.

I give it all up to HIM to help me and make them realize of what’s going on.

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Friday came and how I wish I wasn’t feeling like this but then again can you really blame me for being like this? for feeling and wishing that Friday won’t come.

But then again who am I to hinder what makes my hubby happy and so even if I don’t approved anymore of the Friday night Poker and of what time it ends I will be there for his happiness. Being his wife I will comply to what makes him feel happy.

Sure, martyr whatever you wanna call it that’s just me and that’s how much I love my husband and I want him to be happy and happy he will be even if I am drowning in my own tears of misery of unapproved things that I wish will and can be change.

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Lucky Them

Tomorrow, as we know is Friday. How I wish Friday’s doesn’t come anymore. How I wish things are different. How I wish I can understand and they can understand me too.

Sometimes, like this coming weekend is a long weekend. I was hoping to go somewhere but that seems to be far from what I expected. My wish to get away from all of what is not making me happy seems to be a dream ….. a nightmare that is making it’s way to my real world.

I just hope that one day they will realize of how lucky they are to have me around. Please paint a smile on face and let it stay on my face forever.

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I should be happy with a lot of things in life. Being alive is one of them. A whole lot has to do with being me.

Sometimes, I think that I should have just said my piece but that moment might be strong or I might say some words hurtful. So, instead I cried myself to sleep so broken and hurt.

No one knows of how hurt I am inside.

………. so broken!