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Which One Are You?

Like what they said they are only two kinds of people living on earth the user and the one being used.

I am the type of being used upon over and over. I didn’t realized that until someone told me that I am not just “that” and I am worth more than that. Then, I guess that’s the time when I look and realized that OMS situation that I was repeatedly being used for their own benefits. Benefits that should have been able to help them get through a lot of things but instead I was used and abuse for their own wants and needs.

So, I told myself that if these ever happened again I will let them use me repeatedly but I will also use them in return to benefit me. This time I will make it a two way street instead of a one way only. Should they know, I don’t think so and you know why, because they think that I am dumb and stupid. I guess was just naive of how someone most especially someone close to your heart could do something like these.

I guess with the circumstances they just grab the perfect situation and offer something that would benefit all of us but would benefit them more than they thought.

Users will be users and will used you until you are usable to them and after they are done with you they will just leave you like you are nothing/useless to them anymore. I was used for how many years and being so naive that they could do such thing didn’t even bother to cross my mind until one faithful day a honest to goodness friend told me. The whole thing just change instantly and made me realized the whole picture.

Which one are you then?


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