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Friday of surprise

I should! But, then again it’s a blessing that tonight poker will be somewhere else. Mom and Pops are coming over to spend the weekend with us. There has been a lot of turmoil and boiling points going on. I pity the people who are involved most especially the person who doesn’t seem to know of what’s going on. That’s according to them. How could you not know when you live in the same roof and they seem to just pass at each other without talking and avoiding at each other’s presence. We got that too but ours is a more different issue than what they have. Ours was more of a no consideration and respect thing.

Of course, we all got issues and now we are contemplating if moving in together would be a good thing. The ending what if’s and what are the pros and cons. We all know also that living with the “in laws” can cause conflict on any relationship and as much as possible we are trying to avoid this scenario. But, so far as long as we do not cross the line we will be fine but I know the answer to this and many times did they cross that line and I draw my fire and told them in a nice way.

Communication was the key and could it be the key to what’s going on now? That I do not know. Let’s just way and see.

They are old, they need help (even if they say they can manage, we know better than that, right?) and they need some attention needless to say show some gratitude and respect for them being there but then again not all people know what “being grateful and thankful” means and why even expect them to be like that when they are doing it to their own parents. Just imagine that!


Labor day is just around the corner and the dilemma of going to Vegas is out of the question. San Diego or Disneyland are hanging. We are still looking into considerations of a lot of things and the traffic for that long weekend would be needless to say excruciating. The next day would be work day and the day after is 1st day of school. Just imagine what we will all be going through.

Dilemma never ends or maybe hit the beach for some late tan for the fall. 🙂


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