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Ghostly Wednesday

My Wednesday went super fast. As I went to work and got off work it seems like a blur to me. All I remember was I was getting ready to work and I got to work and the next thing I knew I was home and sleeping. I guess I was that tired that everything I did today seems to be like a dream. I felt like I was a ghost just doing my routine and not know that I am already dead.

Funny thing that lately, everything that I do seems to be just a blur except the times when I am with my kids and hubby. Don’t get me wrong I loved work and I loved life. Although, a lot of stress has been creeping up again what can we do that’s part of life. We got to go on and fight back to be able to fulfill our future. Save up on rainy days and plan for a better and brighter future.

So far I have tried my best to think positively and let the negativity pass by. Another Wednesday of being a ghost!