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Of Fridays

Work has a bad air. My co-workers were ganging up on me and maybe thought that I won’t fight back. Like I mention to it them before if  I know that I am right I will fight back and mark my stand but once I know that I am wrong I will back down and you know of how sorry I am.

Sometimes, it doesn’t mean that I when I keep saying “YES” you can belittle or keep on pressing for things that are scheduled. You should know when to back down and when to keep your mouth shut. If you think we can make things work and I do believe that we can. One man cannot make things right if you know that he needs help. But the question would be are you willing to help out to make things work?

Lending an extra hand will make things work faster and a lot easier not that to me but to all of us. A simple may I help you? or what I do to help? or Can I help you? won’t kill you? So before you open your mouth think and asked yourself when did I say no when you ask for my help?