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Mix Weird


For some unknown reason I am happy but sad. Weird most definitely. Maybe what they call it the “Holiday Blues.” This time of year I want to visit Philippines where you can definitely feel and see it’s Christmas.

I remember those midnight mass or “simbang gabi” where we need to be up so early and then those puto bongbong, hot chocolate with puto and mangoes, the bubud na kabog, kalamay, masi and many more then we head off to school and brag to our classmates what time we woke up and what we ate.

Then Christmas in Philippines is like trip to Jerusalem where we visited a lot of relatives from both sides of the family and not to mention that we have to be in our best behavior. Then we attend the Midnight mass and the birth of our Lord is reenacted.

Let’s just stop here for I am so terribly missing Philippines. Anyways, Merry Christmas Everyone and A Glorious New Year!!!!