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And It’s Official


And it’s official!!! Yesterday was the last day of school for my gremlins. They will be back on January 12. A lot of time to bond with each other and a whole lot of time to play video games and just be a kid.

This is one of the reason’s why I am so trying to get some extra days with them but seems like hazy. Work is hectic for both hubby and me but we will try to make our weekends extra special and got to wake up early to fill in what we missed out on our kids school and at home.

I am just glad they understand how things and we are trying our best to make things work out.

Enjoy your Winter Break and make new memories.


An ordinary citizen living, laughing, learning and loving life to it's fullest. A mother of two adorable kids. A woman understanding how the world can so nice and yet mean An adventurer of some sort of any sort.. Loves sunrise and sunsets, photography, the beach, being with family and friends, organizing a party, lending a hand, get to know me and you won't let me go or leave your side. Gotta be healthy, be happy and love endlessly. Ciao!

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