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What a day makes and take perspective into a whole lot different angle. The past week the weather was nothing compare to how it is today. Today it is sunny, but cooler and the trees are swaying gracefully unlike the Christmas week it was so cold, wet and gloomy.

As I was getting ready to go to work I got just to surf for a picture to go with my perspective idea kuno and the picture here I posted I got  it through the net. What a statement, isn’t it?

Like what my hubby told me a million times over and over again, “If I could just grant your dreams and wishes in a snap I would.” How sweet of him, but as we all know we got to work for our dreams and may our wishes come true.

Have a nice day and smile it’s nice to be alive and kicking.

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Forever grateful

my-gremlins I got up this morning and hurriedly started to get ready for work when I got a glimpse of my babies and there I was almost done I couldn’t help but notice how big and tall my babies are. They are not babies anymore but grown little men and lady. They are definitely growing up too fast and way too soon. How I wish them not to grow and just stay the way there are.

Another year is about to end and welcoming another year. I know that it will be tough but we will manage to survive again. Hoping to make our dreams and wishes come true one at a time.

I am just forever grateful for having such wonderful people around me. My family, my friends, co-workers and adapted fathers and mothers that I have. Thank you so much for being there when the roads were smooth and when they were bumpy.

I am forever grateful for all the love and the smile they have shown and given me each day.