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Meeting Rhyan for the first time. My hubby met him a couple of times when he go to their house to play some poker. I met his parents almost 2 years ago during their Christmas Party. She was pregnant with him.

He was by the door being spoon fed by his Lola while his M0m is taking a shower and Dad is outside with his sister preparing for the party. He is adorable and not shy at all.

We were the first visitor to arrived. We helped, we came and off we went to do something for the rest of the day. The foods were awesome and the desserts are good especially his birthday cake. We surely had fun and can’t wait to see them again soon.

Happy Birthday, Rhyan!!!

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Not sure

Sometimes, I wish I could be just blunt and say what’s in my head but then again I am not that kind of person. I really hate people who are pretending to be good but deep inside they are the most hideous creature than the person they are talking about.

I may be poor but respect never left my side nor helping people even if I am left with nothing or plain lazy just to get the days by. I work hard for what I have and I am proud of it. Like what they said, “This is me take it or leave it.” But, there is always room for improvement and so far I have improved in some aspects in life and growing up as well.

One thing I need to make an improvement it to voice out without negativity of what I am feeling. Make a straight answer without hesitation or regret. Say things of how I feel without hurting others. If there is such a thing. Is there such?

Sometimes, I feel to so abandon. I feel depressed at times that I caught myself staring at something but my head is somewhere else. I caught myself many times crying but I do not why.

I hid inside our closet most of the time. Just to be alone and cry. I do not want nor like my kids seeing me cry. I am just not so sure where I stand now. I am so lost and confuse. I need as time alone. A me time for myself and reenergize. To be a better person, a better Mom, a better Wife, a better sister, a better ME.

So much stress from daily life and work that I feel that I am going to faint anytime soon.

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Where did it go?

We were just welcoming 2009 and here we are welcoming February already. How time flies and where did January go? A lot has happened for the month of January.

  • Company meetings
  • InService and PAC Meetings
  • Sleep Overs
  • Dining Out With Friends
  • Birthdays
  • Free Movie Passes
  • Dining Out With Family
  • Having a great time with my kids and hubby
  • Went shopping for quite a long time
  • Got healthier

Seems like January just flew and how much more for February. I got a whole of things on my plate for February and March comes my not so little gremlins will be turning a year older. Ahhh… how time flies definitely.

They aren’t young anymore. I feel so old but in a good way old.

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Pile High


I have been meaning to do my projects one at a time. But seems like I am drowning of things to be done. I have lessen my blogging time with my sites and just maintain wordpress., for now.

I will get to blog some of my thoughts to my other sites as soon as I get my head together and finish one of my projects this weekend. One project at a time. Not to mention I still need to edit, crop and embellished the pictures. I am still collecting pictures to add to my slide show project and currently editing my music for my background.

I know a lot of things needs to be done. One baby step at a time and get my head together I know I will be done one project at a time. Wish me luck!!!

  • Scrapbook for a baby girl (Christening)
  • Slideshow for my office mates
  • Scrapbooking for a friend’s wedding
  • Scrapbooking for 12 years wedding
  • DVD format pictures with song of their choices
  • Business card for a fellow friend
  • Edit pictures and give it an extra bling

Actually, it’s not that much to think of. It’s the time I do not have anymore. Since I started working my time is so hectic . But I know I will get to finish my projects. One tiny baby step at a time.

Till then got to get ready for work.

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So after a careful reading and endless nights of researching I might have a change of heart of my dream DSLR. I like the Nikon brand of cameras. My first camera was a Pentax and a Nikon but I guess this era it’s a Canon era.

I do not know but I am not so sure of my dream gadget yet except that as for reviews and some users love the Canon. I haven’t shop on anything yet since I cannot afford to get it. I am still saving up and still browsing but I wanted a Nikon but seems like the reviews ain’t that convincing to me.

I have a digital camera a Kodak EasyShare of 4.0 pixels, given by my sister in law how many Christmases ago. It has been in taking some good pictures  and videos but it’s giving up on me. Sometimes, when I take pictures the end result will be green or with some annoying built in lines. I need a camera that can up hold my wants and needs. Seems like I am liking the Canon EOS 50D.

I do not know but will research for more info regarding this camera. Can anyone help me out there?



25442_d3x_frontI guess it’s just a matter of preferences of what your usage is for any camera you want. For now I heart this two models.