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1st Accident of the year


Yeasterday while working I witnessed the my first accident of the year. What a way to start my new year. Really! I pity the driver in the brown car for when he got out he was old and shaken. I called 911 and informed the dispatcher of the accident and they sent some paramedic.

Just by looking through the glass window at my office. I could just imagine how shaken the old man was. I heard a screeched of tires and when I turned around to look what the screeched was all about I saw the old man hit a Honda CRV that was parked. He was visibly shaken and appears to be alright. His car got towed and off we all went home.

I hope that the old man is doing fine. I felt sorry for the accident and the old man. He could be my grandfather and anybodies grandfather as well. I hope he got home fine.

California or other states should implement a desired age of until when you can drive not because you can pass the test. Some older people should leave the driving to other people and not themselves. It’s a lot scarier to see accidents cause by older people because of miscalculation or some other reasons.


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