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3rd Sunday

sinulog-3After celebrating New Year a lot of Cebuanos are busy preparing the most colorful and grandeur’s event in Cebu. The Sinulog festival!!! Which is usually held every 3rd Sunday of January and usually the hotels are fully booked, a whole lot of tourist and people from different walks of life.

Other’s offered dance and prayers for it was believed that whatever you asked from Sto.Nino it will be granted. There’s the novena mass, fluvial parade but on the sea and of course the whole day celebration of the Sinulog festivals.

This is one of the many festivities as a Cebuana I missed and want to attend but then again from where I am it’s a different season. But, there are Sinulog festivities here as well but not as grand as it is in Cebu.

My son was name after Sto. Nino. When I was pregnant with him all the nine months I didn’t fail to hear mass or asked for his guidance. Inno came from the letters of Nino rumbled and became Inno. Just like me, he is close to Sto. Nino and prays for good health, guidance and thanks for the blessings we received.


That each time someone goes home to visit Cebu I always brag about the wonders of Sto.Nino and all his amazing works of wonders. So far, all of what their hearts asked where given. This year I hope HE heard me and will grant my wish in time.

As a child I remember hearing mass at Sto.Nino church and where balloon and peanut vendors flocked. I also remember m0m making us line up this long, long line and wipe our handkerchiefs to Sto. Nino and light some candles and we all started praying.

Pit Senor!!!


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