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Almost 12 years ago they wed but they wed for convenience to help her out. And then years went by all was well and they seem to be a happy couple. The guy had a great job and they were well provided for all their needs and wants.

Then the sad part came. The guy lost his job and attempted to look for another job but because of his age his didn’t find anything. So the solution he went from one temp agency to another to support his new convenient family his efforts in the first place wasn’t even acknowledge at all.

Until such time his health got into trouble as well. In short, he is not getting any younger and they want to shoo him away and treat him like a piece of garbage. Because he is worth nothing for you now. Where were the “thank you’s” that your son got here and all the hard work he made to where you are right now. So, that you can go home and get your green card. This is the sad part of wanting to help others and not think of the what ifs. So, where’s the for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health you vowed till death do you part, went?

This is what happened for some marriage for convenience because some has success stories to it but I guess He is one of the unlucky ones who belong to the not happily ever after.

Why because you cannot get money from him? Or because he is a sick person with only a few dollars on his pension? Or he is a pain in the ass that he can no longer support your wants?

All of these I have to take things in consideration but then again as I looked back on the first day they said, “I Do” love was never there to begin with. As the years of being husband and wife love grew but only for a portion for she was hesitant to let her feelings grow for him. And now look where it ends —- DIVORCE!!!

Sad to say but if marriage didn’t started with love it will truly grow sour.


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