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188412199_004e0942daOne of my girlfriends emailed me this photo and as I googled it up it so happened to be found at This picture was taken by Doug Waugh.

Friday, it is and here I am still contemplating whether to show up for mt BIL’s 1 year anniversary since he got a decent job. I am happy for him for he found a job where he can grow and be with his younger brother. What I do not like about him is he’s a free loader. He got a job then why not chip in for the utilities, the food and the necessities we all are using at our place.

When he has not found anywhere else to stay. We offer him our place. When we found a place good for the four of us and knowing he hasn’t found any yet and no one wants to take him we did. So, a little help would be nice, right? Or do I need to asked for his help and in litany of it. I do not think so. He knows what’s going on at home in and out so I think it’s just common sense to give if there’s nothing to be found right.

Well, I guess not cause he is not like that at all. But when it comes to his friends he is the total opposite of who he is at home. He is one lazy, good, hardworking man. Our relationship went sour when he screwed us up and lied to us.

When he screwed us up he still stayed with us and sometimes with his other brother who doesn’t seem to like the idea of him staying at his place. And then we found our new pad. He didn’t even paid anything at all until late last year. And we ended up shouldering and owed a whole lot of what we can afford. And here comes his one year anniversary at his decent job and spending endlessly. It would have been nice if he would help us pay for what we owed because of his doing.

I don’t know I am still contemplating whether to be there or not and aside from that we saw each other last night and he didn’t even mention anything about tonight’s event. So, what do you think? Am I invited because my hubby is going or I am not?

I think I already know the answer.


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