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Pros N Cons

Digital SLR vs. prosumer digicam

Nikon D70 w/ 18-70mm AF-S DX Nikkor LensSony Cyber Shot DSC-F828
Greater lens versatility.
Several manufacturers’ SLR lens systems offer more than 40 lenses, each optimized for its intended purpose. Sample from a smorgasbord of zooms, ultra-wide-angles, supertelephotos, and specialty optics such as macro and perspective-control lenses.
Generally bigger and heavier.
The SLR mirror box and pentaprism add some weight and bulk compared to a point-and-shoot’s design. Other factors include heavier, more durable materials and the need for larger batteries to power higher-performance components. That said, many recent entry-level models are about as light and compact as the larger EVF cameras.
Almost always better image quality at a given resolution. In other words, 10 megapixels from a digital SLR beats 10 megapixels from a typical digicam. This advantage is especially dramatic at higher light sensitivities (ISO 400 and greater).
(For more on the reason for this)
Increased complexity. Choosing and changing lenses while shooting is an unwelcome chore for some folks. Plus, digital SLRs generally have a plethora of buttons and dials, which can intimidate some users.
Better performance.
Typically, digital SLRs have faster autofocus, shorter shutter delay, faster continuous shooting, and a bigger memory buffer.
Higher prices.
While the least-expensive digital SLRs are now available at prices that compete with non-SLR cameras, the price range for digital SLRs is generally higher.
Usually a more functional “shooter’s” design.
Some designs are better than others, but digital SLRs tend to have easily accessible thumb and forefinger wheels for exposure settings, discrete buttons for other critical features (exposure compensation, white balance), vertical position shutter releases, and just less menu surfing overall.
Generally inconvenient to use the LCD for framing.
The introduction of Live View mode has made it possible to frame with a dSLR the way you do with a point-and-shoot model, but because dSLRs are signficantly bigger and heavier than your typical snapshot camera, and not really designed to be held at a distance in front of you, the process can be a bit awkward.
Greater flexibility.
Access to a much broader range of accessories, including powerful external flashes, alternate power sources, wireless transmitters, and remote triggering devices.


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