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Steve Harvey


With his new book, ” Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man.

A great book for all women and men out there who wants to know what’s going on of the how’s and why’s of a man’s head.

A book for both sexes to enjoy and understand each other more. Know what to say and not drive them away.

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Anxiously agitated

Unfortunately, I am in these zone again where I am easily mad and patience seems to be hiding from the other end of my time zone. This past week seems to be a killing week for me. I am in deep depression of something I do not know. Funny na… I know!!!

And driving my hubby wild and crazy. I can carry a brief conversation but that is just about it and I am off and better to be alone. Could it be the weather? The upcoming events? or I am just being a girl…hehehehe.

Whatever it is I am not happy with it. I try my best to control it but seems like it is controlling me… I easily get agitated and when I want to do something I want them done I seems like I am anxious for it to be done.

Just like for this week seems like it’s already a month for me and I can’t wait to go home and fix up, clean up and organize some of my/our files at home. I wanna go home but when I am home I wanna be at work and when I am at work I am so sleepy and lazy that I wanna go home. Crazy, yeah that’s how I am feeling…. 🙂

Must be that time of the month again or just hormones going up and down…. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend and take care!!!

God Bless!!!

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Learning again…


Back in Cebu almost a decade ago. Ballroom dancing was a hype and with that hype a good living was also introduce. Although some people might not agree with all of what goes in and out of ballroom but people are there to have fun to exercise and learn.

My brother first started his ballroom dancing lesson and I was his guinea pig each step of the way. He became a DI (Dance Instructor) at Motions and as he was working and I was working somewhere else as well. I got the chance to catch a glimpse of what ballroom dancing was. Every Friday I visited him at work and there I saw the hype of it.

I am not good in dancing at all but like what they say everything can be taught and learn. So as I got some basic steps already of the ballroom dances my boss at that time loves to go ballroom dancing and asked me if I would be interested in applying for another. Money was tight and so I said “Yes” why not let’s venture to a different world. Little did I know that through ballroom dancing and being a Certified Dance Instructor you can meet a whole of different people and not mention money was overflowing.

And there I went to have the one of the most amazing and memorable experienced in my life. I didn’t regret learning to dance and learned some amazing moves. Now, some of my student are here in California little did I know that we will be seeing again and my brother who used to be Dance Instructor now owns his own ballroom club.

Each free time I get I am learning again to dance. An unknown hobby that developed to be a good money making and exercise. Now my kids are my guinea pigs. They want to learn how to dance as well. Even some of the back up dancers some shows such as VIP (Vilma In Person) and KOD (Keep On Dancing) are here and dancing as their way of living.

Some instructors are even nurses, lawyers, doctors and VP’s but they teach and get paid still although not that much of what they are earning but they are having a great time and staying fit at the same time.

Let’s Keep On Dancing!!!

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3 L’s



One of the many things I used to do, for some unknown reason I forgot about them but, later on remembered that in life we got to live for something we want and the people around us, we love because it’s what we loved to do and what our hearts beep for, we laugh til we all drop to memories we remembered and jokes told to us.

This are just a few things I have learned to remembered.