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De-stressing life

I know lately stress seems to be following me wherever I go. Good thing I found this article at Oprah. Hope it will help you to de-stress life.

Actually it just simple ways that we take for granted.

  • Breathe. Concentrate on your breathing for five breaths. Close your eyes and focus on each breath as it comes in and then goes out. “Focus on the breathing and other thoughts drift away.
  • Walk. Getting up and moving around gets your blood flowing and calms you. Try walking around your office building or going outside for 10 minutes to get some fresh air.
  • Focus On One Thing. Instead of trying to do everything at once and multitasking, learn to do one thing at a time. It’s less stressful and more effective.
  • Choose 3 Tasks. Instead of trying to tackle a laundry list of tasks and projects, pick the three very important tasks that you want to accomplish today. “Focus on doing those before anything else.”
  • Simplify Your Schedule. If your schedule is packed with appointments, meetings and tasks, it’s stressful. “Try to schedule less, which means getting out of less important commitments. “Leave space to breathe.”
  • Take Time For Important Things. Whether it’s spending time with family, exercising, reading, pursuing something you’re passionate about o r just taking some quite time, put it on your schedule and make it an unmissable appointment.
  • Live In The Moment. Worrying about what might happen or replaying things that have already happened are stressful aways of things. “Instead, focus on what is happening now.” Practice in five to 10 minutes intervals at first, and you’ll begin to improve.

It’s been years since we made a packed that the whole family will be involved with the chores and making decisions of any kind and anything. I am no superwoman and I need my “ME” time just like anyone else. We all agreed and so far we are living in a harmony.


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