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Friday Off

Literally, it was raining like cats and dogs. Pops was moved to Lakewood Regional Medical Center instead of the earlier said to Whittier. We, visited him together with John, Emmy and Joshua. The drive wasn’t bad but what’s scary are the other drivers who are driving radically like it’s not raining.

A pick up trip pulled over on the shoulder of the freeway and burst into flames even with the rain pouring the flames is manage to burn through the hood of the car.

Got to the hospital and Pops is not even closed to high spirit. He was grumpy and so high tempered. Seems like is he mad at anyone except the nurse. Zeny, was his nurse of that shift. She is a filipina and a cebuana. She is so bubbly and happy to be around with. I felt safe knowing she is the nurse for my dad but later realized that she got the weekends off. Later, Marissa arrived and introduced herself and the nurse for the weekend. She is also a filipina and seems to be nice. Didn’t get the chance to get to know so much for I already left, visiting hours are already done.

Spoke with his cardiologist and hopefully the machine will be fix so that we will know of what’s going on. He is still on heparin and on top of his other medications. He will have his dialysis tomorrow while waiting for doctor’s order. He got fever and was coughing badly. Doctor advise to put him on antibiotic to play safe. He doesn’t want Pops to get any pneumonia. He got a lot on his plate already.

We will see him tomorrow for now I am off to bed. Enjoy your weekend.


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