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Iron Man


And so after the hype of the Iron Man movie finally I get to watch it on my own time and mood. Actually, I find the character of Tony Starks convincing and right for Robert Downey, Jr. And the old man Obadian was also a good choice of character. Even Miss Potts was a great choice for the character.

Now made me think how I wish I could prototype and make the heart that Mr. Starks had for the movie so that my Dad can live a little bit longer. I know he is having a hard time right now but what can we do with the borrowed time we borrow. So, right now he is making the most of it and while in ICU we are visiting him taking turns and spending our bounding time sitting while he is lying on his hospital bed.

My Aunts, Uncles and friends of his are actually saying that we should stay strong and accept His fate for our Dad. Easy to say cause it’s not their love one but I understand and here I am trying my best to be strong and making the right decision as well.

Just a wishful thinking that maybe I can borrow Mr. Stark’s heart.


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