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This is the story of a solidly middle-class African-American family that reunites for Christmas for the first time in seveal years. Ma’dere (Loretta Devine) is the Matriarch who’s Los Angeles home is where the vast majority of the story takes place. As with any family gathering there are topics that are best not discussed. When they are discussed here they end up in fights -verbal or physical (an excellent sister-on sister catfight stands out here). One sister is encouraging the siblings to sell the family dry cleaning business and split the profits. One bother is running from loan sharks. One brother is AWOL from the Marine Corps and One sister has brought along the man she’s dating at a historically Black college. Despite what the trailers and TV commercials may lead you to think this is not a warm syurpy comedy. There are dramatic moments, violence and course language. It is however very much a slice-of-life that not enough hollywood features present. This family, warts and all, is definitely not a hollywood feel-good film with blackfaces. It is authentic in it’s portrayal of themes facing African-Americans in particular but Americans in general.

A true portrial of each family of all walks in life. That sometimes why people prefer not to attend any family gathering or intimate family gathering only. Because as we all know claws and punches are bound to happen. Why be surrounded with people whom you are not comfortable with and just ruin your night/day.
As we watch the movie as a family a lot of sparks and unanswered questions from yesteryear and just waiting to be answer. But sometimes some things are just left where they should be and just go on with life.
I just hope that one day when and if ever we will have a family gathering I hope it will be a great one and something that we will all remember. Well, if issues are discuss I just hope that calmness will be with us as well as patience, understanding and respect for one another.


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