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Monday’s Tidbits

With the new time slot things at work has been going smoothly. Time was running pretty fast and work has been light. These past weekend I know that I had been a handful. With some tantrums here and there and not to mention that patience is running pretty low. That I sometimes, forgets of how grateful I am as a person, a mom, a wife and being ME.

Some of the many things I sometimes need to looked back and just remember how life was and is now. Life was pretty flamboyant before and we hit rock bottom and then now we are slowly surviving and then some. I should never forget of how grateful life has offered me and I should also be thankful of all the many graces we are all continuing to received.

Tonight, as I was cooking and finishing up what’s left while the family are fast asleep. I cried but I do not know why. Maybe, I am just happy and that emotions are high. I am happy for being alive, for friends who comes and goes, for my in laws who are always there, for having a good job and great co-workers/boss, for being a great mom to my two gremlins, being a great wife and most of all being alive.

Good night for now…. Till then!!!