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Tuesday’s Mudpie

dichelostemma capitatum flowers

As I look at things differently and channel my thoughts to a more productive and positive things I came to realized of how lucky I am to be here with you. To be able to blog my thoughts, my life and beyond.

Not many of us have the access of internet nor having a personal computer for them to used anytime of the day or night they want. We should be thankful for the amenities that are available to us.

I am thankful for a lot of things. Being alive, being able to watch my kids grow and helping them to the right path, being able to be a good wife and mom, being able to be there as a friend, being able to appreciate life and enjoying it, being able to have work and loving it.

Remembering the good values that made me to where I am today. Thankful for a Mom who never gave up and showed us that there is more to luxuries and money can offer. She taught us to love ourselves, to love one another and most of all respect your elders no matter what. She is our rock when things gets tough, she is our number one fan and she will always be there for us her children. Thanks Mom and we love you.

She also taught us that forgiving should come from within and not forced. No matter what happens we cannot change the past. It happened for a reason and for whatever reason it was or is we are still grateful for life’s experiences.

It helped us understand that life is not as easy as 1, 2, 3, and that we have to work hard to get to where we wanted to be. She showed us that life is unfair unless we want to be treated fair then we should play it fair as well.

Mom has taught us a lot in life. We are so thankful that she taught us how to clean, cooked, fold, do groceries, pick the right meat, the fruits and vegetables, do our laundries and who knew that it will become handy someday.