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Today by little boy ain’t so little anymore. He is a young man. As he turns 16th today, I looked back at the past. The struggles he and I endure to where we are right now. I am proud to be his Mom and proud that he is my son. Like I told him always remember where you came from and never fail to look back. Enjoy life and enjoy being a kid, a teenager and a responsible young adult.

He is my extra hand when I am weak and weary. He understands me like my Mom understands us. He complains that’s just nature but still do it.

He is his sister school bus and playmate. He sees to it that she is being fed and of course they also argue and fight just like any other normal siblings do.

He is fun, helpful and loves kids as well. His only known colors are red, black and blue. But loves red more than any other colors. He is his sister and Uncle’s sidekick and Mommy’s too.

Now as he turned 16th I feel so old…… We love you Kuya and a million thanks for everything!

Happy Birthday Kuya Inno!!!