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Life thoughts…


No matter how I aim and focus to where, what, who and how I wanna get too, sometimes it just made a detour of it’s own. But, nevertheless I am still focus to reach to where I wanna go, to what my heart really desires, for me to be happy and of how I will get there with my desire to reach for the stars and climb every mountains of struggles to succeed to where I wanna be at.

I know it’s going to be hard but no pain, no gain and definitely no glory. There are people who tired to talked me out of it and even tried to stop me but then again the more they wanna stop me the more the fire in me gets bigger and wanting to throw out.

Whoever said life would be easy? Of course we all have that off course situation that has been happening I need to get back on the course and focus more. I need to make this happen.

Wishes are just made and wished for but we got to work hard for it and think positively hoping that things will align and be on our path.

Enjoy the rest of the evening and hope you all had a great one!!!

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Double Celebration


We surely had a great time. Although some of the invited visitors didn’t showed up due to sickness and some uncontrollable events we surely had a blast. The invite was just immediate family and why because our place is so small. It can just hold up to a certain amount but then again some didn’t came and so we made a detour and invited others instead.

Anyways, the kids were happy…. the food was great…. the desserts were awesome… we all had a great time!!!

The foods were great. We had some beef steak, inihaw na baboy, BBQ Pork, Pancit Malabon, Garlic Chicken and Lumpiang Shanghai.

For the desserts we had some Ube Halaya, Buko Pandan and Leche Flan. This year the kids opted not to have a birthday cake.