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Blame it…

I know I am being sensitive these past few days and anything or anyone I blame it too. I blame poker and his poker buddies as well when I get mad. I just hate it when people are such users. When I asked hubby to have the poker on different houses no one, not a single soul stood and offer their house. Here we are suffering for the electric bills and not to mention we are the ones cleaning up after their mess. So I guess I am not sensitive ha just practical I guess.

Can you really blame me?

Then they started playing with tongs but some are against it  and doesn’t even want to pay. So, are they right or I am just paranoid? Heheheheh seems like I already know the answer to that question.

Anyways, just letting some of my thoughts slip through here. Enjoy the rest of the nite and Take care!!!

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Watery Thursday

One more day and it’s finally Friday. I should be happy for the past weeks we have visitors galore but then again the guys decided to have poker. Where did family go? Into the water and drown.

Sometimes, you really can’t blame me for acting this way. I always see to it the I get to spent a weekend with my family. Maybe go to our favorite hang out, walk by the beach, bookstore or hang out and be crazy just the four of us with no interruption. But, lately that has been hard to accomplished.

Just hearing the word “Poker” turns me into a raging bull who wants to snip and snap anybody.

We the overtime during weekend until 12:00 noon and of course when hubby gets home he is tired to do anything and if ever we do something it’s late and some stores are closing already.

As early as today the weekend that would have been a great one drown into the waters already. I just hope he can come of something for all of us to enjoy. Maybe a trip to Chinatown? or Camarillo Outlet?

I just want to enjoy the weekend and the weather. It’s cool in the morning and really summer is coming in early.

Enjoy your weekend and make new memories….. God bless and be safe!!!