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The first showing of Twilight in the movie theaters I didn’t get the chance to watched it but based from my daughter’s reaction it seems to be promising movie.

Ever since the movie was first shown up until 5 weeks ago my daughter just couldn’t stop raving about how good the movie was and made her understanding how high school will be.

As a parent I was bought out and bought the movie. As soon as we got in the house she put in and played the movie and yes she was right. It was a great movie and lesson learned… somethings are meant to be how, what, where and who they are and not by force . Not everything that is the same can be both the same.

I am so in love with how Bella and Edward played their roles so good. They were so good for their part. I fell in love each scenes that they do together. Can’t wait for the part 2 if there’s any. But according to the book and how the movie ended seems like there is a part 2. Interesting…. 🙂


The Twilight Saga New Moon continues on 11.20.09


Click here for more of the author Stephenie Meyer.

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Finding More

When we heard that Pops got married and Mom wasn’t the only wife he got then we wanted to know do we have any m0re siblings too look for. Although, Pops got married the second time to help his status and gain his green card but the third and so on and so forth has and had been mystery to us all but of course we just try to understand the whole thing.

Why force someone to be with you when the end result is misery and sadness. But ,when you found your soul mate should you shooo her away? Of course not. Instead you will try to win her trust and heart back and try to move mountains, right? But then again he got other plans. That’s the biggest mistake and the risked he took and later realized it was too late.

Thank God it’s just us 4. The original 4 and no more. Scared most definitely to finding more of us.