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Facing the book


Let’s follow the trail. First, it started with friendster. I still am kinda active when not lazy then myspace followed but kinda stop due to some disturbing news of a lot of people being stalked and vanished. Then within those friendster and myspace I entered the blogging world which I have created a lot of sites but slowly purge and kept the site where I feel much comfortable and safe.

Then facebook came and many others. I join facebook due to an overwhelming invites I got through my emails. I joined to meet new and old friends and connect with long lost relatives. People started adding me up and when I ever get the chance I search and add more. It’s kinda fun and as much I as I wanted to add YOU, I just told myself it’s better to stay away from fire so that no one will get burn. I tried my best to be a friend but that friendship/acquaintance turned sour and I cannot blame you for someone on my end made it this way.  It’s a long story done and forgotten. I hope so… 🙂

I just hope that one you will find it in your heart to forgive me and let by gones be by gones. I hope that one day when we bumped into each other we will not snob each other and instead would catch up where we left off. I am so happy for your success and how your dreams are unfolding. Good luck and take care!

See you at Facebook!

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Bay Area

For summer my kids wants to visit the Bay Area. We are still contemplating about it. But thought hey it would be nice to go on a family trip visit some friends and relatives. Maybe just for the weekend. I am so sold to see the Bay Area and so are my kids.

I know we will have so much fun roaming the streets of San Francisco and visit the fisherman’s wharf. Eating crabs, all the seafoods that we see and just enjoying a summer away from home.

Way, way away from the chaos of Los Angeles and into the bay area of San Francisco. Just planning about it makes me wanna be there right now and there.sanfranciscocablecars