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Sadly True

I just can’t find it in myself to even give him a kiss or show a little more respect when he is home. Things do change with just a very simple yet selfish mistake. A mistake I regret so much up til these days. I regret not following my instinct when I smell something fishy. I regret not reacting or letting them hear my voice when garbage was already spread on the table. He acted as if he was in control but unfortunately he lost that control and here we are all gasping for air.

I regret the most was that my kids were drag into this mess. A mess we didn’t create nor want to create. A mess we didn’t see it coming nor notice it was already a magnitude beyond our worst nightmare.

So, on the way to work I asked myself, How can I forgive someone who drag us from hell to purgatory and here we are trying to make a daily living to pay off what he costs us? Can anyone help me out?

I know time heals wounds but the more I see him, the more I hate what he has done to us and pretended it didn’t even happened. Like it was just one big nightmare. I hate the game not the player. Sadly but true.