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Productive Saturday

Got up pretty early and thought that hubby would go to work but he changed his mind. Like he said he is so stress and needs some time off from work.

We did our thing like what the kids and I promised to do. Cleaned up and tidy our place. Load some laundry and played some video games and online stuff. Hubby on the other hand decided to cooked some breakfast. He made some fried rice and it was so yummy.

We run some errands and pay some bills and even got the change to go to the library. As a matter of fact I am at the library right now blogging my thoughts.

I kinda like the library so much. It’s quite and a lot of people from different walks in life are here. Although some got internet connection seems like they prefer to be at the library.

Anyways, got to run more errands and our bounding time as well. Enjoy your weekend and make the most of it.

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You asked for help and we came to your rescue but at the last minute you decided to have someone help you instead of waiting for us. Where did your manners go?

Then you wonder why are we like this towards you. Like what the old saying says, “Respect begets respect.” It doesn’t matter who you but you have that and gave that as well it will be given to you also.

Ever wonder what we have to go through just to be there and as we were leaving and everything you decided to cancel us out because you can’t wait any longer. How inconsiderate can you be? Sorry, but I am so fed up with all of this drama. Like what I have said before do not challenge my patience for I got a lot on my plate as well and so very little room for patience.

Can you help me understand you better? Cause honestly I am not gasping why on earth you are acting this way. But seems like you run out of it. Good luck and enjoy life.