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How many times do we need to be betrayed by our own family. We helped because help was needed but then again we didn’t realized he was cooking something else for himself. A user indeed!

When looking for a place or something we always make sure that he is part of the plan. We make sure to include him no matter what. Whether he will be staying with us or not, he got that option.

Just a few minutes ago we learned from a fellow ex co-workers and friends of them that he is looking for a place to live and like he hasn’t have one. So, why do we need to hear it from someone else’s instead of him saying it straight to our face. It’s tearing up the family and he is make this unforgivable move again.

He betrayed us not one but twice!!! Now how can you forgive or trust someone like that?

Or maybe he was ashamed to tell us that he is also dating his boss. Work ethics my man, where did it go? I have nothing against his status what I am whining about is that he got no balls to tell us of his plan(s). If he got any…..