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2 Have & 2 Hold


As the news of the much awaited celebrity couple broke of Judy Anne Santos and Ryan Agoncillo who got hitched at a simple ceremonies surrounded by special friends and family members, it was so intimate and simple yet they shared their special day with the media after the wedding.

It started as early as 3:00 am for the wedding preparations. Everyone that got the invitation were asked to wear white. The bride carried a white bouquet of flowers while the groom wear something of near to the white color.

A wedding that everyone (including myself) wants to have. A simple yet intimate gathering with special people whom made a huge impact to us the couple. It’s really a different feeling when the marriage is blessed by a priest and of course all sides of the family are present.

Cebu Cathedral Church is where I want to get married again. Surrounded by white flowers of all assorts and kind and pink roses for accent. I would like to asked the attendees to wear something white or baby pink for the ladies and baby blue for the men’s. It would be an early wedding and followed by an all day celebration at a nearby pavilion or beach perhaps…

For my entourage my sister as my maid of honor followed by bridesmaids of close friends and family. For the principal sponsors would be my godparents from birth and some special people who have been an inspiration to us. It would be nice to see both my families and as in all of them to be with us during our special day.

For the singers and choir I already have someone in mind. A cousin of ours who can sing and an Uncle who can wow you with his ways of singing.

For the gown a simple off white gown and a barong tagalog perhaps for the groom and groomsmen. For the bridesmaid, maid of honor and the flower girls a dress design to showcase their best assets and similar to each other.

All in all I really want to have a simple yet intimate wedding with special friends and family. For our songs we have it all written like our love story.

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Extra Cash 7 Ways


1. Dog Walker. Even in a recession people don’t skimp on their furry loved ones. Therefore, being a dog walker can be an easy sell, especially for other people who need to work two jobs to make ends meet. The double bonus here is you can get great exercise while racking up extra bucks. You can also walk dogs before or after your full-time job. Dog walker median salary per hour: $16.29.

2. Handyman. No matter where the economy stands, things still break that must be fixed. When you are good at fixing things, word travels fast. It’s possible to make a small mint fixing cars, installing water heaters, and doing home electrical and plumbing jobs. Consider how much a full-time car mechanic or a plumber charges. Even if you discount your rate, the pay is still good, and customers feel like they got a deal. From painting to fence-building, there are plenty of household jobs many people can’t do or simply don’t want to. Handyman median salary per hour: $17.33.

3. Medical Transcription. Are you a fast typist with excellent grammar and a medical background? If so, medical transcription may be for you. This job often calls for at least one year’s experience in a hospital or clinical setting; some ads require transcription experience. Tools you will need for this job likely include high-speed Internet and Microsoft 2000 software. You should also be prepared to take a skills test. Medical transcriptionist median salary per hour: $13.78.

4. Wills/Medical Power of Attorney. While planning for the inevitable can be upsetting, it provides a way for attorneys to make extra side income. Lawyers can get up to speed on formulating simple wills and living trusts without too much effort. Completing these documents is something most people agree is essential but have not checked off their ‘to-do’ list. Talk to friends, church members, and neighbors to generate clients. Potential clients are likely working or have other commitments just like you. Therefore, being available outside of business hours makes meeting up more convenient for everyone involved. Attorney median salary per hour: $55.66.

5. Income Tax Preparer. Preparing income taxes is one of the most dreaded have-tos among Americans. There are plenty of people who would be glad to pass off their tax preparations to someone else if for no other reason than the fear of being audited. Donald Cheatham, owner of DC Tax Group, turned his side job into a small side business. He chose this off-hours gig because of the high demand and he enjoys accounting and the extra money.

“I work 50 to 60 hours a week on my main job [as an accountant] and another 25 to 35 hours a week for my part-time job during tax season. So it gets a little hard at times and usually sleep is the one thing that I don’t get during tax season, but it is well worth it,” says Cheatham, who started up in 1995 in Chicago. While it helps your credibility if you are a certified public accountant, this certification is not required. The median salary for an accountant per hour: $18.19; CPA median salary per hour: $26.25.

6. Teach a Hobby. Whether it is dance, tennis, golf, computer skills, or music, teaching someone how to do something you are good at and love makes working a second job less like, well ? work. You can find teacher job ads at recreational centers in your neighborhood or advertise your expertise online and in local publications. Dance instructor median salary per hour: $18.58; Music teacher median salary per hour: $21.28.

7. Babysitter. This job is convenient, especially if you have kids. After all, you can make money with them right nearby. Offer to watch your friends’ and neighbors’ kids so they can take a breather, and they will love you for it. Another option is to help people who work nights. Finding a 24-hour daycare service is difficult, to say the least. Caring for several kids on the same night can compound your earnings and get you extra cash more quickly. Babysitter median salary per hour: $9.00.

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Michael Dominic


He is Dominic aka Moo Moo.

A 9 year old boy living in Kansas and enjoying life. A typical boy who is lazy with his homework but loves video games and spends most of his time watching television, playing computer games with his bestfriend Cayden and wrestling his dad.

He loves food. Needless to say it runs in the family. He is a sweet boy and very polite and respectful.

We missed you and hope to see you soon!!!

Happy Birthday Dominic and many more candles to blow…….

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Pillow Talk

A mix of pillows covered in colorful plant imagery

Arranged on an all-purpose Ikea Stockholm sofa, this collage of pillows is a concept-driven blend of texture, scale and shape. The mix is kept from spinning out of control and into a random hodgepodge by (1) the unifying theme of plant imagery conveyed in strong colors, and (2) the repetition of figurative patterns set against solid neutral backgrounds.

Aqua blue pillows

A symmetrical arrangement is inherently easy on the eyes because the brain processes patterns more quickly than it does erratic layouts. Rather than have pillows of all one size, which would be monotonous, the narrow lumbar pillow at the center draws the eye in from the grouping’s outer edges. In terms of color, the bright, aquatic blues vibrate in their close contrasts to one another, while the white trim work makes constant reference to the sofa’s upholstery.

Red pillows with handcrafted textures

A cascade of pillows, roughly ordered from large to small, left to right, replaces the couch’s back cushions and transforms it into a daybed, irresistible to anyone inclined to recline. No two pillows are alike here, but the handcrafted textures and red theme pull them all together. An embroidered throw stretched across the seat gives the impression of a full-length cushion.

Black-and-white pillows

A palette of black and white is a deceptively simple concept—the two-tone scheme feels clean, modern and anything but drab, thanks to contrasting patterns. And grouping items in odd numbers is a classic design trick: They make a stronger impression because the eye instinctively reads each component, whereas in even-numbered groupings the eye automatically sorts the components into pairs.

John Robshaw, designer

Three designers go behind the seams to share their pillow principles. Their strong (and sometimes conflicting) ideas reveal that, as always, an object’s beauty depends on its beholder.

John Robshaw says, “I like opulence and more! more! more! Some people use only two pillows on a giant sofa, which I think is too fussy and precious, but I’ll put them in a big pile on the floor—it’s much more sculptural that way. Try odd-shaped and big pillows. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, then make your own or ask your dry cleaner to make you one with your favorite fabric. Have more pillows than you need so that it’s not as if you’re trying to draw with only three colors. Overbuy and mess around.”

Sheila Bridges, designer

Unlike John, designer Sheila Bridges takes the “less is more” approach with her pillow preference. “I design pillows I’d want to live with in my own home. I prefer square pillows for their symmetry, and I like a crisp, tailored look, which is why I don’t use a lot of fringe or tassels. I don’t mind a little embellishment, but I don’t want anything that would make the pillow uncomfortable.

Breathable, natural materials like linen and cotton are my favorites. They’re easier to clean than silk and feel good against the skin. I love florals and stripes, too. You can mix the designs if you have a color that ties the pillows together.

I don’t care for a ton of pillows on the couch. If you’re collecting, that’s one thing, but too much of even a nice thing makes an object lose its uniqueness. Pairs create balance, and a single in the middle of a love seat will make the pillow seem special.”

Michele Varian, designer

If you’re still confused about which pillows will complement your home, designer Michele Varian offers a few shopping dos and don’ts:

Lose the swatch.
“A lot of times, people bring their sofa swatches in to make exact matches between pillows and their sofa. But I don’t think the eye is so sophisticated that an exact match is necessary.”

Shop early.
“Another mistake people make when they buy pillows is that they wait until they’re nearly finished designing a room, when they don’t have a lot of juice left—financially or mentally. Start looking at pillows early, even if you can’t purchase them for a while. Even more than architecture, textiles and color can transform a space. They’re what we respond to first.”

Buy what you love.
“What I’d like to achieve with my pillows is the antithesis of people walking around with swatches: I’d like people to purchase pillows because they love them, much in the same way a person buys a handbag or a piece of clothing because she can’t live without it.”

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Nate’s Decorating Essentials

Nate Berkus recommends cool lamps.

Cool Lamps

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to modify any room. “Overhead lighting is harsh—it’s horrible and it makes everyone look horrible,” Nate says. “Find really cool lamps. It’s very easy to do and it changes the entire feeling of the room.”
Nate Berkus hangs an antique sifter instead of framed art on a wall.

New Wall Hangings

Consider putting objects on your wall that aren’t necessarily art. Nate was inspired to hang this antique wooden sifter he found on the Internet by Oprah’s guest house in Santa Barbara, where she hung an antique wooden coin above her doorway.
Nate Berkus holds a piece of coral.

Sea Life

Want a sophisticated look for not a lot of money? Try some coral or a starfish.

“This may surprise you, America, but I believe that every room should have a piece of sea life,” Nate says.

An out-of-place chair gives a room character.

A Unique Chair

Nate says every room has to have one great odd chair. “And here’s the tip—the chair does not have to match everything else in the room,” Nate says. “The room will be much, much more interesting if it doesn’t.”
Nate Berkus frames personal notes.

Framed Notes

Ever wonder what to do with all of the notes that you have hanging around your house from important people in your life? “Frame them,” says Nate. “I have done it for years.”

One-page notes are the easiest to frame. Keep that in mind the next time you write someone a letter or thank you!

Nate Berkus displays books that spark interest.

Interesting Books

Take this decorating opportunity to learn more about yourself. “If there’s a subject out there that you’re interested in—photography, boating, whatever it is—books throughout the room are not only a great way to enhance the design of your room, but you might even learn something.”
Nate Berkus's slippers from Greece

Vacation Mementos

Nate says that overall, the most essential advice is to personalize your space. “And that means bringing things back from vacation, like these slippers that I brought back from Greece this summer,” Nate says. “You might not think that you can put these in a bookcase, but when you do, your guests get to know something about you and about where you’ve been.”
*****As seen at Oprah and