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Lately the aura surrounding us are not good. Often times it feels like we are overwhelmed of the negativity that is surrounding us.

We stayed away from each other so that we will not create more bad air when we are all together. Tension is definitely rising especially when you are being back stab by your clan. How painful can that be?

We prevent that we didn’t know anything until the beans are laid on the table. But we are trying to be prepared of whatever the outcome will be.

Enjoy your weekend and Take care!!!

The picture above is totally unrelated to this blog. Just thought to post something interesting. Got the pic thru google…

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Flower Memory Album

Carole Jackman of Nature’s Pressed demonstrates how to press flowers to preserve their beauty. Carole explains how to take the flowers a step further by incorporating them in a special memory book page. She also shows how several images can be easily combined to preserve memories in an even more elegant form.

Materials and Tools:

Paperbilities memory album – discontinued, use any desired memory album
Loose Ends natural paper or paper of your choice to cover album
Elmer’s rubber cement
pressed flowers by Nature’s Pressed
flat, round tweezers
all-purpose glue
small paint brush
Blair Spray Clear Acrylic Coating or Mod Podge
optional: 1-1/2 yards ribbon of your choice to complement album and flowers


  1. Unscrew album and set screws aside.
  2. Remove inside papers and set aside. 
Figure A


  • Using rubber cement, apply natural paper to the outside cover of the album ( figure A). 
  • Figure B


  • Select pressed flowers and use tweezers to pre-arrange flowers on album cover as desired. Remove flowers from album (figure B). 
  • Figure C


  • Apply glue to backs of flowers (tiny dots in several places — not too much), starting with greenery first, and apply to album as pre-arranged. Use paint brush to apply extra glue under all edges of flowers to tack them down flat (figure C). Allow to dry completely. 
  • Figure D


  • Apply Mod Podge or clear acrylic sealer to entire album cover (figure D).
  • Replace inside paper, cover and screws.
  • Tie ribbon in a bow and glue to outside of album.Carole’s Tips:
    • Use tweezers to handle the flowers easily while arranging, placing and gluing.
    • Be sure to glue all edges of flowers down with the paint brush to keep them from coming up when sealer is applied.
    • If flowers or leaves break apart, they can be glued back together easily by pushing them together with the tweezers or paint brush. Avoid using your fingers, as they tend to stick to the glue and then to the flowers.

    Additional information for Pressed Flower Memory Album: An easy way to dry and press flowers is to use a microwave. Simply cut the flowers, place them in a large, heavy book and place in the refrigerator for a few days. Then, lay a paper towel on the bottom of a plate, and place the chilled flowers from the refrigerator on the paper towel. Put another layer of paper towels on top of the flowers, and place another plate face down on top of the bottom plate. Microwave on low heat for approximately eight minutes. Remove, and let cool.