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Easter Sunday


They are back just in time for Easter. We went to mass early as always and had breakfast at our nearby Denny’s.

Their spring break was fun. According to them they just chill most of the time and just bond with their grandparents and Ninang. They went to Seaworld but unfortunately for the camera with them. Good thing they saw one of their Uncle’s and took some pictures.(I am still waiting to see those pictures.) They went with clothes worth for a week and came home with clothes more than what they bought. Thankful for Ninang (my sister in law) for spoiling my kids as ever!

Our Easter was quite boring and dreadful. Although, we went to a co-worker/friend’s house for her birthday. The planned was that we were going to make some games for the kids and as well as egg hunting but the plan didn’t push through. We didn’t stayed that long for we wanted to go somewhere else. Later we learned that they were closed. Head home and here I am just blogging.

Bored? Not really I am kinda annoyed but I am happy that my kids are back and the house is a mess again.