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On Good and Bad

I am so thankful for a lot of things. To people whom I do not expect to be there to help or even offer their undying accommodation just for the sake of helping.

After long hours of standing up and waiting for my turn I didn’t expect to see a familiar face on the other end of the counter only to save me from my aching feet. Thank you so much for saving my day.

Work lately has been quite busy and a whole lot paper works not to mention some are why beyond what should have been process. Nevertheless, my co-workers are always there to offer an extra helping hand for that I am so grateful.

For my kids who are always here and there to help me out on my overflowing Mommy duties. Thankful my gremlins. I appreciate it so much.

My hubby who is as always ever patient with all of my mood swings and tantrums. Thank you for understanding my qualms and whining.

Friends can be chosen but to have friends such as YOU is a privileged. Thank you so much for the gift of friendship and more!!!