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Voice Mail


Now I understand why voice mail is oh so convenient and doesn’t seem like you are avoiding their calls, even if honestly you are but then again I do not like  it when I get a missed call. For me all calls are important even if you know before answering that call that it can ruin your mood. But, anyways some people are just so needy for anything that they can whine about.

I am grateful for anything that is given to me but do not whine that I didn’t say my thanks for you do not know what’s going on, on the other end of the line right? And why let someone deliver of what you wanted to say. Ever wonder they might have add and subtract something from your own words and deliver it in a different kind of way.

I just do not seem to understand why make something a big deal and ever wonder why people doesn’t wanna visit or stay long enough at your places or just to hang around with you. See, paused and asked yourself why? For sure you already know the answers to your questions.

I am thankful for whoever discover and invented this voice mail device. It surely made some lives a lot easier and surely it made mine too.

I just take a deep breath and understand why they are making a big deal of something not worthy enough. Some people are just in need of attention. That they want to be heard, be loved and wants their own way to be attended too. I just keep an open mind of how miserable their life is that is why they are making ours like theirs. Sad too say I won’t follow those footsteps.