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New Doctor


We visited our primary care physician due to illness and nothing more but we have to switched to a new doctor to due some insurance related whatever.

We pay our new doctor a visit. Reason new doctor and nothing more. Little did I know that this new visit will not be a regular one.

Kikay a 10 year old girl has been diagnosed with Tachycardia. The doctors suggested to do some lab work and we will go from there. She had her ECG and her heart rate is not normal. As what the doctor told me that heart rate for someone her age would be 60 t0 100 per beats per minute but here is above 100.

She is kinda stressed of her findings and we will be visiting the doctor again 2 weeks. I am scared but relieved at the same time that it can be solved due to some early findings.I am hopeful that it can be cured. She is still young and full of life to be cut short. We are taking it positively.

Include her in your prayers and thank you so much!!!